The management of the residences maintained by our company “Ça?da? Property Management Services, Inc.” which is equipped with high qualified administrative staff experienced in the tourism and hospitality area. All needed services that will make your life fine and easier is planned in detail in a wide range from moving operation of private landscaping services including  security and all concierge services (private jet rental, private yacht rental, nature tours, rent-a-car, cargo, dry cleaning, tailor, hairdresser, massage, child care, pharmacy, health services…)

Our technical team serving in our residences is formed with highly qualified staff certified and mastered in electricity, mechanic and pool care. The experienced cleaning staff, valets which are always ready to help you with your in site affairs, the cook and service staff comes also under our team.

Outside of their specialty all assigned employees are trained for “First Aid”, “Basic Fire Fighter”, “Hygiene”, “Safety at Work” and “Emergency Action Plans”



Landscape architects, agricultural engineers, landscape technicians and a large staff of gardeners specialized in their area serve at Ça?da? Landscaping which is being the most powerful landscape company in the region.

Ça?da? Landscaping is established on a land of 20000sqm on the way to Bodrum-Yal?kavak and serves primarily for Ça?da? Construction projects, also is a part of many outstanding landscaping projects such as Swissotel Bodrum Beach, Palmarina Yal?kavak with over 200varieties of native and foreign plant species, centuries-old olive trees and modern landscaping equipment.

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Security services is given by our own security company “Kale Bodrum Security”. With its carefully selected, knowledgeable in the field and competent staff, Kale Bodrum Security especially serves for Ça?da? Holding projects and additionally for many prestigious buildings and housing projects of Bodrum, to provide the hotel security, site security, personal guard and consultation services. All security team is periodically subject to sport and knowledge assessments.

Intending to train up high quality and superior security staff Kale Bodrum Security gained advantage in his field  by obtaining the “The Permit of Private Security Training Institution Certificate” in 31.07.2012

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With our high powered operational force and wide potential we are ready to provide the highest level of services and to meet all claims of our householders by taking the support from the other group companies as Ça?da? Construction, Ça?da? Designworks, Ça?da? Contruction Market, Ça?da? Properties.